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AFSPC CC provides perspective during Warren visit

F.E. WARREN AFB, Wyo. -- The new commander of Air Force Space Command visited the 90th Space Wing and Twentieth Air Force this week touting what he calls the "invisible force" with the big hammer. 

General Kevin Chilton said he's incredibly proud to be the commander of "the most powerful [space] force in the world." 

General Chilton said he's excited to leverage the creative talent of the Airmen at all levels of the command. and is determined to promote AFSPC as the premier experts on space operations. 

The general wants AFSPC to be the go-to force for questions about space. 

"We are the best; we're the professionals at all things related to space," General Chilton said, "from ICBM and satellite operations to the ground infrastructure and the cops who defend these systems to the acquisition of the new systems that will insure we sustain the advantages we enjoy today." 

"Our challenge is to not only be experts in the application of space capabilities," he said, "but to understand how we can provide ever greater support to other elements of our Air Force as well as the joint force." 

The general said space provides the warfighter an asymmetric advantage over the enemy. This "invisible force" is supporting the Global War on Terrorism through global positioning, weather, over-the-horizon communications, intelligence, early warning -all of which enable systems for th war such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and hugely important Joint Direct Attack Munitions. 

And the Airmen of Twentieth Air Force provide the president's 'biggest hammer,' a nuclear deterrent force. 

"This force is just as much or more relevant today, within the construct of the New Triad and particularly so as we see other nations seek to develop nuclear weapons," General Chilton said. 

The general said it's clear the professionals of Twentieth Air Force have a great understanding of their mission. 

"I was incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism of every member of the 90th Space Wing I had the privilege to meet with." 

During his visit, he received a mission orientation and visited Missile Alert Facility D-01 and the A-11 Launch Facility. He observed operations in the missile complex and said he's seen many highly motivated professionals. 

"He was very appreciative of all the Airmen in Security Forces," said Master Sgt. Bill McIntyre, 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron flight sergeant. "He made a special effort to ensure everyone was recognized for their hard work." 

In addition to seeing F.E. Warren Airmen at work, General Chilton had a chance to join them in one of the community's biggest events - Cheyenne Frontier Days, among them serving as Grand Marshall of Saturday's parade and watching the rodeo finals Sunday. He said it was impressive to see wing personnel integrated into the community - a community that truly supports the base. 

"You can't buy that kind of relationship," General Chilton said. "It's truly a force multiplier."

Colonel Michael Carey, 90th Space Wing commander, said he enjoyed indoctrinating General Chilton into this very significant aspect of the base's history.

"We're proud of our partnership with the city of Cheyenne and it was a great opportunity to show the General the close relationship we have with the community here," Colonel Carey said. 

On commanding what he calls the 'invisible force,' the General, who is a former Space Shuttle astronaut said "I'm the luckiest guy; I wake up every day and pinch myself."