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Focus on Family: Marshall & Christy Leipprandt


Air Force Global Strike Command has declared 2017 the “Year of the Family” paying tribute to the families that fuel and support every Airman’s military service. Second Lts. Marshall and Christy Leipprandt are both continuing a legacy of family service and leverage the support they receive from their community to make a difference in their respective spheres of influence.

Both Leipprandts were inspired to attend the United States Air Force Academy by their family. Second Lt. Christy Leipprandt, 90th Force Support Squadron readiness officer in charge, joined the Air Force because of a rich heritage of service to country instilled by her parents from a young age.

Christy’s parents are prior officers and Air Force Academy graduates.

“I heard stories about the academy throughout my childhood,” Christy said. “These stories, coupled with its distinct history, made me choose the academy above all other colleges.”  

Marshall’s sister, who is also an officer in the Air Force, inspired him to pursue an Air Force career.

“My sister is a captain and instructor pilot at Laughlin, Air Force Base,” said Marshall Leipprandt, 90th Comptroller Squadron deputy flight commander. “Honestly, I probably would not have attended the Air Force Academy if it wasn’t for my sister blazing the trail. She made a leap of faith after high school by leaving a town of 800 people in Michigan to attend a military academy way out in Colorado, and I really respect her for that.”

Christy and Marshall’s paths crossed at the Academy, and they were recently married in Littleton, Colorado.

Marshall is originally from Michigan and Christy is from Florida, which means both are far from home; however, both maintain close ties to their families who continue to support their career goals.

“The values my parents raised me to uphold directly correlate with the values that the Air Force prioritizes: honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment,” said Marshall. “I'm extremely fortunate to have great role models for parents, and I attribute my personal and professional successes to the lessons I've learned from them. My family also keeps me motivated to work harder and smarter every day. I would not be where I am today without their continued love and support.”

The Leipprandts are in the process of getting to know their new Air Force family, and they commented that the joint spouse orders were extremely beneficial.

“Receiving the orders helped us out a lot,” said Christy. “Marshall was already stationed here because he graduated a year prior to me and knew the area, which helped immensely.”

Both have also expressed that they feel well taken care of within the base community.

“We live on base, and our neighbors are so supportive,” said Christy. “The close-knit community and family environment makes us feel at home.”   

The family mentality of this couple does not just stop at home. It continues into their respective work environments.

“I love the people I work with. It makes me feel like they are my family and makes me love my job,” Christy said. “I want to be there for the people I work with and I want to make a difference in their lives.”

Christy and Marshall said they are motivated as officers in the Air Force, and they are honored to be leading others. 

“I try to be the best I can be,” said Marshall. “I want to be someone that others go to for answers on a daily basis.”

When asked what they see themselves doing in five years, both said they are still early in their careers, and it is difficult to look that far out on their career paths. However, serving long-term is an option that is definitely still on the table.

"I believe that if I am having fun doing what I am doing that I may possibly stay in the Air Force for 10 to 20 years," Christy said.