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AFGSC commander visits F.E. Warren


Gen. Robin Rand, Air Force Global Strike Command commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Calvin Williams, AFGSC command chief, visited here to get feedback from personnel directly involved with the ICBM mission and thank them for their hard work.

Rand expressed an interest in finding out how the wings under AFGSC can be more lethal.

“Our lethality includes readiness and morale,” Rand said. “Tell us what we should stop doing or what we should start doing that we are not already.”

Rand touched on the state of tensions in the world and how the nuclear deterrence mission is more important than ever.

“Our command has never been as busy as it is right now, but thank God for the 90th Missile Wing,” Rand said. “Sometimes we look at these weapons and think ‘We will never use these’ and I will tell you that is flawed logic.”

Rand and his wife, Kim, spoke to the spouses of service members to get feedback from them as well on how to improve operations and morale.

“I think this was a great opportunity to hear the perspective of our MAJCOM commander and get some pointers from his experience,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Maroney, 90th Operations Support Squadron commander. “It’s a big deal to know that our leaders at the top haven’t forgotten about the folks who carry out day-to-day operations.”

Williams also held an all-call for enlisted security forces and maintenance Airmen to let them know they’re appreciated and to hear their concerns.

“A lot of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice go into working at a missile wing, so I want to thank you,” Williams said. “At no other time in my 20 plus years in the Air Force have we needed you more with the chaos going on in the world right now.”

This visit gave AFGSC leadership an opportunity to speak to the Airmen and leaders of the 90th MW directly, in hopes of improving operations, readiness and morale for the ICBM mission.