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Warren engages industry, explores lease opportunity


Thirty individuals representing approximately 15 property-development organizations attended an Industry Day at the Joint Forces Readiness Center in Cheyenne, Wyo., to learn about an opportunity to lease 74 acres of land bordering F.E. Warren Air Force Base, April 18.


The purpose of the event was to facilitate an exchange of information between the Air Force and industry regarding an Enhanced Use Lease. An EUL is a government partnership with a public or private lessee to develop underutilized property to support the base and community.


“A successful lease benefits the Air Force, the community and the developer,” said Scott Nickerson, Air Force Civil Engineering Center’s EUL project manager. “It is a financially-beneficial business deal which fosters partnerships, supports economic development, and creates increased job opportunities.”


Garnering support and approval for the lease has required extensive coordination between the base, the community and the Air Force Civil Engineering Center. The wing worked for 22 months to prepare for the Industry Day, said Col. Stephen Kravitsky, 90th Missile Wing commander.


“This wing and their leadership have pushed us, driving this process to make good use of underutilized land,” said Robert Moriarty, AFCEC Installations Directorate director. “We do not use Enhanced Use Leases to satisfy Air Force requirements. While it may be something our members take advantage of, this is a good partnership opportunity with the community.”


The event was designed to support developers in crafting their proposals for all or a portion of the 74 available acres. Multiple Air Force and community representatives provided information about the EUL process, current economic trends and community demographics, as well as topics directly related to construction such as weather and utilities. Attendees also visited the site and had opportunities to ask questions in closed and open forums.


Industry Day set the stage for what will be an eight-month process of reviewing proposals, making selections and negotiating terms. While the Air Force has just crossed the starting line of that process, successfully executing this developmental effort remains a high priority for the 90th Missile Wing commander.


“I’m really excited about this,” said Kravitsky. “This property has looked the same since I showed up here in 1994 as a second lieutenant. It’s a great opportunity for Cheyenne and F.E. Warren. We’ve grown up together since 1867, and this is something we can get done together.”


The prospect of construction between Happy Jack Road and Old Happy Jack Road has also engendered strong support from community leaders.


“We love Warren Air Force Base and we want to make this project a success for the Air Force and for Cheyenne,” said Dale Steenbergen, Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce CEO and president. “We have visited with the state government, the county government, our mayor and the city council, and they are ready to make this project a success. We want to do something great on this piece of property.”