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  • Outdoor Rec offers several activities at discount prices

    This past winter was intense in Cheyenne with above average snowfall and colder than normal temperatures that left Warren members with a type of, well, sickness. No, it's not life threatening, although some may argue that it is. The sickness is not acknowledged by medical experts and is called the infamous cabin fever. Symptoms of CF include
  • Warren's working K-9s

    The 90th Security Forces Squadron working dogs section gave a demonstration to the 90th Security Forces Group spouses tour March 22.
  • Motorcycle safety

    As the weather starts to turn warmer, all military members need to be aware of the mandatory training and personal protective requirements for motorcycles including all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes and street cycles. All bikers and passengers riding on base and service members driving off base either on or off duty must wear the appropriate and
  • Warning: exercise can be habit forming

    Exercising regularly can be a difficult habit to maintain, despite all the facts on the merits of exercise and activity. Physical activity has been shown to be the single most important factor in successful weight maintenance. Without exercise, weight loss progress may be agonizingly slow and passing the annual fitness assessment is taxing at best
  • Retired sergeant major shares his PT knowledge

    The importance of maintaining proficient physical fitness is critical for service members. They have to be able to deploy on short notice and perform any tasks brought before them in a deployed environment. There are many ways to reach this level of fitness, and a program at Warren that can help Airmen meet the minimum requirements of Air Force
  • Genetics, health: Inheriting obesity

    Overweight children are likely to become overweight or obese adults, but as with any risk factors we have, our lifestyle can minimize the risks associated with our genetic code. Being overweight is a complex condition involving genetics, hormones, metabolism and environmental factors. The interaction of energy intake, or the food and drink intake,
  • Healthy changes in eating habits key to success

    "I need to have a better diet." "I need to eat healthier." "I want to start eating better." "I am going to start watching what I eat." These are common statements people make when they are ready to change their weight or want to change their behaviors to support a healthier lifestyle. Many times, the changes needed to achieve the new lifestyle
  • Women's suffrage: Wyoming woman led the way

    Women's History Month celebrates people who have made a difference to women everywhere. One woman who changed the world lived in Wyoming. Her passion to foster love and promote equality came at a young age when she became active in the anti-slavery and women's suffrage movements. She liberated the women of the Wyoming Territory and set the
  • Retired lieutenant general speaks at Warren

    Lt. Gen. Daniel James III, who retired June 5 and is the former director of the Air National Guard, visited Warren Feb. 21 to celebrate African-African History Month by giving a speech in the base theater. General James, son of Gen. Daniel "Chappie" James Jr., who was the first African-American four-star general in the Air Force, spoke to Warren
  • Curator an example of base's close community tie

    With 140 years of military history at her disposal, the museum director has a lot of information to share with visitors at the Warren ICBM/Heritage Museum. Paula Taylor describes herself as a fifth-generation local ranch daughter. She said her family has had a long tradition of working with F.E Warren, starting when they sold horses to the base in