Education and Training Center provides guidance to Airmen

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Malcolm Mayfield
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
The Education and Training Center provides Airmen and their families with a means to further develop their careers and work toward their goals.

The base education center under the 90th Force Support Squadron is available to active duty members, reservists, guard, spouses and dependents who are interested in pursuing a degree or certification, including assistance with completing a Community College of the Air Force Degree, taking college courses toward a non-military degree along with guidance on commissioning programs to become an officer.

"The education center is a place for people to go versus just [taking classes] online," said Steven Castle, 90th FSS Education and Training Center formal training counselor. "[It's designed] for those who do not like the coldness of the Internet."

People seeking to further their education have opportunities for face-to-face interaction with counselors along with representatives from Laramie County Community College, Park University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

"Some might not have all the decisions made as far as what school or path they want to go down," said Karmella Van Stockum, 90th FSS Education and Training chief. "As counselors, we can help them figure all that out."

Counselors in the education center provide assistance and guidance with knowledge they have learned while working with others struggling with similar issues.

"When someone walks in the door and says, 'Can you tell me how to do this?,' we can say, 'well this is my experience with it,"' said Susan Leuquire, 90th FSS Education and Training Center specialist. "We are counselors and we want to talk and get to know the [members] and take care of them."

Along with understanding their members, the education center provides a flexibility that is rare among other centers in the region.

"We have folks drive down to [Warren] just to come take a test with us," Stockum said. "People from Ellsworth and Buckley Air Force bases come [here] because we are so accommodating."

The center's flexibility is not reserved solely for those outside of Warren.

"We understand that people's schedules are difficult," Stockum said. "We are able to go above and beyond [for our members]."

People who wish to improve their careers or just seek self-improvement are provided with those opportunities through the education center.

"Hopefully, each and every one of us is trying to better ourselves to personally and professionally develop," Stockum said. "Coming to the education center is the first step."