Community support coordinator works to bridge the gap

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Malcolm Mayfield
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Agencies whose job is to help Warren Airmen are divided throughout the different groups that fall under the 90th Missile Wing. Connecting these agencies in a time of crisis and forging bonds between them, is the job of the 90th Missile Wing Community Support Coordinator, Joseph Martini.

"When it says I'm the coordinator, none of those folks work for me, none of them. A matter of fact nobody works for me," the retired chief master sergeant said. "I'm on top of an umbrella, coordinating with all of these agencies to make sure that the wing commander and leadership [can contact them]."

Martini works as a two way bridge for helping agencies such as the Airmen and Family Readiness Center, Mental Health Clinic, Sexual Assault and Prevention Response Office, Family Advocacy and Chaplin's office by passing information up to the highest level of leadership in the 90th MW.

"My position was established so the wing commander, or any commander, [only needs to] make one phone call," Martini said.

The community support coordinator is a full-time, base-level position that oversees and integrates the community, family, individuals and resiliency programs. Martini tries to get all of the agencies to work with each other and mesh to provide a better service to the community.

"With this program, there is a lot of collaboration between us and other agencies," said Jody Clark, Airmen and Family Readiness Center chief. "Joe Martini is the center point and filters out to all of the other helping agencies."

Martini receives most of his information from those he works with through a monthly integrated delivery system meeting. In those meetings, Martini said, they discuss any issues that are occurring on base and how agencies would like to solve them.

An example might be the collaboration of agencies working to limit the amount of under aged drinking or suicides on base.

"Mr. Martini is very good about advocating for our program," Clark said. "He also assists us by helping solve problems."

Martini may work as a starting point to talk with leadership, but he also works with his peers to help them tackle the challenges they face while trying to accomplish their mission.

"Mr. Martini was instrumental in reaching out to us last year to make our Single Parents Day Out event get off the ground by assisting us with resiliency funds," said Chaplain (Capt.) Samuel McClellan, 90th Missile Wing chaplain. "He also helped us get a good collection of books. I always appreciate his positive attitude and proactive attitude."

Some tasks require a higher level of leadership to tackle and every three months, Martini has a chance to bring that to the Mighty Ninety leadership's attention during their quarterly community action and information board.

"Basically the CAIB covers all of comprehensive airmen fitness- the physical, spiritual, social and mental pillars," Martini said. "If I can't solve it, or I can't at least make progress on it, then I will either brief it at the CABE or I will go in there and brief the wing commander myself."

Briefers from the various helping agencies are provided the chance to brief their concerns to the commanders on base, Martini said. Getting that information to the right leader helps improve those services to Airmen and their families.

The services Martini provides helps shape the future of the agencies and the Airmen they help. This leads to more developed programs and provides the Airmen with better opportunities.

"As the Community Support Coordinator, I try to build an atmosphere that promotes helping all Airmen," Martini said. "I am here to help all of the Airmen."