Frequently Asked Questions

I want a job at F. E. Warren! How do I apply?

There are two options for employment at F. E. Warren Air Force Base – Non-Appropriated Funded positions and civilian personnel.

Applicants interested in applying for General Schedule (GS) and Wage Grade (WG) positions are required to apply for the position online at Applicants are required to create a USAJOBS account prior to applying for vacant positions. Questions regarding current vacancies can be directed to the Civilian Personnel Office at 307-773-3340.

All Applicants interested in applying for any of our NAF positions are required to apply for the position online at  We cannot accept paper applications. The website will require the applicant to create an account prior to applying for a position.  When searching for job positions on the website, be certain to narrow your search to FE Warren AFB. Questions regarding current vacancies can be directed to


I own a house/apartment and I’d like to let the base know it’s available! Do you have a website that I could list it on?

We cannot use our website to list open housing listings; however, you can contact our Housing Office at (307) 773-1840 to put your property on a listing.


I’d like to stay on base at the Air Force Inn. How do I make a reservation?

The website for information on lodging on F. E. Warren can be found at The phone number to the Crow Creek Inn is (307) 773-1844, or you can use the DoD Lodging online reservation system at You must have base access to use military lodging.


My company is interested in hiring individuals who are leaving the Air Force. How can I get in touch with them?

F. E. Warren AFB conducts several TAPS (transition assistance programs) each year, and notifies Airmen leaving active duty about opportunities available. Please send us an email to and we will get the information on to the appropriate people.


I want to join the world’s greatest Air Force! How do I do that?

You can start your journey by going to and learning more about the positions available. Then, you’ll want to look up a recruiter in your local area and reach out about your goals. If you live in Cheyenne, you can call (307) 632-2344 and a recruiter can help you.


I need a new ID Card. Who do I need to talk to?

You can contact ID Card customer service at (307) 773-1845.


I am trying to verify federal employment for an individual. Who can I talk to?

Unfortunately, we are unable to independently verify employment of DoD personnel.

The individual is required to initiate those requests through MyBiz (if still in service or left service no more than 120 days ago) at Once they log in, there is an option on the left hand side of the screen to request employment verification.

If the individual has left service more than 120 days ago, they will have to work through the National Archives and Records Administration at


I’m looking to get tickets from ITT. Who can I contact for that?

The number to ITT on base is (307) 773-3510.


I was born on F. E. Warren at the Base Hospital and I’ve lost my Birth Certificate. How do I go about getting a new one?

For births on military installations in the U.S., birth records are kept in the state of birth, not at the installation. To begin the process, you will have to go to the state of Wyoming Department of Health at


Q:  How do I contact my son/daughter’s unit in case of emergency? 

A:  In the event you need to contact military member’s unit, the First Sergeant or Commander’s Support Staff would be a great starting point.   The Red Cross is also a way to reach out to a military member’s unit during an emergency.   The installation Command Post is another avenue to reach out to a member’s unit (307-773-3921).    F.E. Warren unit contact information on can be found at (

Q:  How do I in-process the base?

A:   The Warren Welcome Center (WWC) is a one-stop, highly efficient process for newly arrived Airmen and Families. The primary mission of the WWC consists of efficiently and accurately in-processing airmen and their families.

Members can expect to be fully in-processed by Personnel, Finance, Traffic Management Office and Housing in approximately 2 hours, and complete in-processing requirements within 45 days of arrival.

Q:  Is there a map of F.E. Warren facilities?

A:  Yes, (we’re still working the map link?)

Q:  Is there wildlife on F.E. Warren?

A:  Yes, F.E. Warren has a large herd (300+) of pronghorn antelope that call the base their home. Base residents are advised to use caution when driving on base, as the pronghorn are known to dart out into traffic causing accidents.

Q:  Anything to do on and off base for fun? 

A:  Yes, there are plenty of things to do on and off base.  Go to ( to see activities/events put on by our Force Support Squadron

Q:  What is Cheyenne Frontier Days?

A:  Cheyenne Frontier Days is an outdoor rodeo and western celebration, held annually since 1897 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It bills itself as the "World's Largest Outdoor Rodeo and Western Celebration." The event draws nearly 200,000 attendees annually.


 Q:  What are the housing options for inbound members?

A:  On-base housing is privatized and Balfour Beatty Communities is the Project Owner, but Cheyenne has a robust real estate market with many off-base rentals and purchase options.  Dorms are available for unaccompanied Airmen. 

Q:  Is housing expensive in the area?

A:  Housing in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado is generally expensive, but the Military Housing Office (MHO) maintains a referral program that can be utilized if the member plans to rent off-base.

Q:  I have heard the waiting list for housing takes months?

A:  Yes, it can take months before you get a house on base. Be proactive and find temporary housing off-base prior to getting to FE Warren if you are wanting to live on base. Some companies do short term rentals (month to month, 3 month, six month) and more details are maintained in the MHO Referral Office. 

Q:  I wish I knew what the dorms looked like. 

A:  Dorm information/Photos are on the ( site. 

Q: Can I choose my roommate or which dorm I get?

A: As of now, we are placing Airmen wherever there are openings. We are currently looking in to a way that Airmen can be matched according to their preferences.

Q:  I wish I knew what the dorms looked like. 

A:  Dorm information/Photos are on the ( site

Q:  What are items I need right away for my dorm room?

A:  You will need basic items such as hygiene products, to include toilet paper. You can bring your own linen for a twin XL mattress. We also provide new linen and a pillow at the members request. We do have shower curtains and hooks at dorm management or you can provide your own. Some dorms do not require a shower curtain.

Q:  Are there storage areas in the dorms?

A: Yes there are storage cases in the basements of most of the dorms. A lock can be purchased on your own or we will provide one to you at no cost.

Q:  How do I get a Post Office Box on base?  

A:  Dorm Residents are authorized a PO Box at FE Warren Post Office (Bldg 235) paid for and verified by the Official Mail Center.  In order to receive a PO Box, you/your sponsor must:

Get a copy of their orders and go to the dorm manager to get a Bldg/Dorm Room number. Take copy of orders to the base post office and reserve a PO Box for the newcomer. Send that address to the inbound airmen so they can do a Change of Address before they leave Tech School. Upon arrival, newcomer signs their 1093 at the base post office and receives their PO Box key. Example of an on-base PO Box address is as follows:

First Name Last Name
PO Box 8_ _ _ (your PO Box number) Cheyenne WY, 82003

Auto Information:

Q:  Is there public transportation on F.E. Warren?

A:  No, there is currently no public transportation on-base.

Q:  I heard I need a car at F.E. Warren?

A:  Yes, with no public transportation, you need a vehicle to get around the base and local area.  PLEASE contact the AFRC to discuss car buying options PRIOR to signing documents for a car purchase.

Q:  Do I need a vehicle with 4 wheel drive?

A:  No, vehicles with front wheel drive or all-wheel drive will be fine during the winter months.  Even vehicles with rear wheel drive are ok in the winter months with good all-season tires. 

Q:  Is there a car buying information available to me prior to purchasing a vehicle?

A:  Yes, the Airman and Family Readiness Center offers information/assistance when preparing for a vehicle purchase.  Also, some financial institutions have car buying programs for airmen.

Q:  I have an out of state vehicle, how do I register it in Wyoming?

A:  Contact the Laramie County Clerk’s Office, Mon – Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., (307) 633-4247

Q:  Do I need to make sure my vehicle insurance covers wind and hail? 

A:  Yes, Cheyenne is considered the “Hail Capitol” of the states.  There are wind/hail events during spring/summer and a good possibility your property (car/home) will sustain damage.

Base/Local Area information:

Q:  What’s the weather like in Cheyenne?  I heard Cheyenne Wyoming is at altitude and has no humidity? 

 A:   Cheyenne, located near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and on the high plains, has four distinct seasons and, at times, rapidly changing weather conditions. Located in a fairly dry region of the country, the base receives about 14 inches of moisture per year in the form of rain or snowmelt and has an average winter snowfall of 52 inches. Snowfall is common nine months out of the year due to the high plains environment (more than 6,000 feet above sea level.) The first snowfall of the season typically occurs in late September and the last snowfall occurs in May.

The lack of humidity coupled with warm days and cool nights are positive aspects of living here. Those new to the area may experience high altitude sickness for a week to ten days. 

Q:  Is there more information about the base online?  

Y:  There are two different sites to view information about F.E. Warren ( and

Q:  How am I going to get from the Denver Airport to my new base?

A:  You can make arrangements with your unit sponsor to pick you up from airport or another option is the Groome Transportation service (formally, Green Ride) contact (970)226-5533 for more info

Q:    I hear it’s very windy in Wyoming

A:  Yes, late summer through spring are the windiest months of the year.   On high wind days, ensure you park into (facing) the wind so your car doors do not fly open causing damage.   

Q:  Are there bugs in Wyoming?

A:  Bugs are minimal compared with warm weather states.


Q:  How much is the sales tax in Cheyenne WY? 

A:  Currently, sales tax is 6%

Q:  How can the base help my spouse?

 A:  The AFRC has a Spouse Employment Representative that can assist your spouse in resume writing and employment assistance.  Also, NAF has job listings on base they might be interested in. 

Q:  How does BAH and BAS apply when I’m in a travel status to my new base?

A:  Members in a travel status will receive transient rate BAH that is based off the members rank. It is imperative for members to in-process as soon as possible when PCS’ing because this entitlement will continue to pay out and accrue as a debt. In-processing will also activate BAS if it hasn’t already been activated and remove meal deductions of all Security Forces Personnel.

Q:  How many days of TLF am I eligible for

A:  Members who are PCS’ing CONUS to CONUS are entitled to 10 days TLE. Variations of PCS’ing from a CONUS to OCONUS location are subject to 5 days.. More details can be found in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR). If base lodging does not have space available be sure to request a Non-Availability letter for full reimbursement.

Q:  If I’m a dorm resident, do I have to pay for my food at the Dining Hall? 

A:  Yes, ALL Security Forces Personnel are placed on BAS with no meal deduction based on the date arrived on station.  All other dorm residents that are not shift workers will utilize their Common Access Card (Meal Card) to eat at the Dining Hall. 

Q:  I heard I have to pay out of pocket for the hotel I have to stay in during my PCS to F.E. Warren?

A:  Yes, either utilize you Government Travel Card or pay out of pocket to be reimbursed when you file your travel voucher. (If no space is available at base TLF be sure to request a Non-Availability form for full reimbursement.)

Q:  How long does it take to complete my travel voucher?

A:  Travel vouchers will take no more than 30 minutes to complete and will be filed when In-processing at the Warren Welcome Center. Travel vouchers are all encompassing meaning it will be the only requirement for finance to gain you.

Q:  Is it important to save receipts during a PCS move? 

A:  Yes, save all receipts during your PCS and submit them with your travel voucher for reimbursement. Especially flight receipts and taxis if applicable! It is better to have them and not need them than need them and not have.

Q:  What happens if I get overpaid during my PCS and several months afterwards?

A:  Finance will usually establish a debt and take the overpayment back over a period of time.  Contact Finance to discuss options.