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Coffee Talk with Officers


Action Items:

  • Civilian Private Organization: Our civilian Airmen are kicking around the idea of a private org for civilians.  This is a really great idea.  My thanks to Mr. Hunt for jumping on this one!  (OPR:  EO)
  • How do we get Uber and Lyft on base? A phenomenal idea.  90 MW/CCE will help us get to yes on this.  (OPR:  90 MW/CCE)

Informational Items

  • What’s up with the drones?  It was right after Christmas and Space X’s Jan. 6, 2020, StarLink satellite launch so the combination of the two created a bunch of concern.  There’s no security concerns from any of the reports to date.  Here’s the positive news.  Everyone is looking out for our well-being.  We love being in a community that’s really got our backs.
  • 90 MW Strategic Plan: We are going to finish a strategic plan that helps us take definable actions.  We want to see improvements and less metric meetings. Let’s get after our issues.
  • Striker Community: We are jumping head on into the Striker Community (formerly Community 2.0).  This means innovation and attention to our units and programs that benefit our folks.  Sent out a primer on this separately to the chiefs and commanders.
  • Integrated Planning Cell: It is complete.  Lt. Col. Katie Mack is going to codify this and we can put this to bed.  Thank you for getting after this.
  • Combined Advertising: Our incredible PA pros have put together a cross functional team to really get at the heart of this matter.  Expect to hear more from them in the future.
  • Knowledge Ops Movement: The offices are moving from the 90th Communications Squadron to the Director of Staff IAW the latest directives.  We are looking forward to the expanded duties which will benefit every organization in this wing.
  • Reducing Out of Hide Positions:  90 MW/CCC has been working this since Day One and is ready to put the squeeze on these types of positions.  The 90th Force Support Squadron and 90th Civil Engineer Squadron have already moved out on minimizing bodies out of your units.
  • New Welcome Center: Airman and Family Readiness Center is running this but we all need to wrap our arms around this and figure out how we feng shui in-processing and out-processing.  This is part of how we take care of our people.
  • Re-negotiating BOG fees at Guernsey:  Need to gain fiscal efficiencies.  Thanks to the Spartans and the rest of the wing team for moving this one forward.
  • Many Things in Future: Lights at Missile Drive; gate improvements; missile alert facility improvements; a ton of awesome ideas from our Key Spouses; Spring cleanup, pothole patrol, Cheyenne Frontier Days, another Secretary of the Air Force visit, and even a summer changeover.
  • BAH Changes:  Where are we at with the basic allowance for housing review?  We’ve sent up a second request with the adjustments suggested in the first denial.  We will not give up on this!
  • Family Care Plans: Do we still need them?  The answer is “don’t know” but we’ve got some amazing first sergeants who are taking this on.  Appreciate all the support we are giving to this.
  • Missile Alert Facilities Visits:  People want them.  Who should they contact?  Well, numerous POCs volunteered.  In addition to those incredible folks, 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs and 90th Operations Group continue to team up on an amazing educational campaign.  Heck, 90th Security Forces Group even asked folks to contact them if they want to ride along a convoy.
  • New Competitive Officer Categories: There are concerns about how the new competitive categories for officer promotions marry up with intermediate and senior developmental education opportunities.  After the dust settles, the time frames for both will equalize.  This will take about 13 months (or one full cycle).  We’ll keep working these.



Action Items:

  • Female Uniform Availability:  There was significant frustration over the lack of uniform availability for females at clothing sales. Reportedly there was one mess dress jacket available last week. We will check in with AAFES. (OPR: CC and CCC)
  • Sick Call Hours Change:  Officers from the 90th Operations Group asked if we could change sick call hours. Unfortunately, sick call and mission planning occur at the same time. We will ask the OG and 90th Medical Group to get together on this. (OPR: OG and MDG)
  • Engaging 1st Duty Station CGOs:  An officer asked if we could do a better job of engaging with our first duty station CGOs. The group is interested in a course for new officers similar to the First Term Airman Course, this will help them in-process the base and get basic information they need upon arrival. One of the key questions is understanding what Air Force Reserve Command has to offer. Capt. Mary Costello volunteered as the point of contact. Lt. Col. Joe Edington volunteered to guide this effort. (OPR: Capt Mary Costello and Lt Col Joe Edington)


Informational Items:

  • BAH Misconceptions:  One Basic Allowance for Housing misconception is rates have dropped by large amounts. This is not true. Also shared historical data showing a minor decrease in rates and which pay grades have been the most impacted. In the end, we recognized that housing suitability and availability are the issues. We are working on one solution to work with local partners and investors is to build affordable housing close to the base. We are also opening the window for the BAH survey to cover a longer period of time through permanent change of station season as well as working to extend the zip code regions.
  • Tactical Pause Feedback:  Mostly positive feedback when we genuinely had a conversation on the tough topic. We recommend making sure group sizes encourages crosstalk and participation. The CGOs wanted more opportunities to do this with their folks.
  • Event Participation:  They expressed frustration with getting participation in events at F.E Warren compared to other bases. Our 24/7/365 missile field mission takes a large percentage of available folks out of the equation right off the top. The key is to market in advance so people can plan ahead. They’ve asked for help with that.
  • OCP Baseball Caps:  Can we authorize operational camflauge pattern baseball caps? The answer is no. The Air Force Chief of Staff said no to this request and reinforced that again at the wing commander conference.
  • Gate 2 Traffic Lights:  We are working with the Wyoming Department of Transportation on different courses of actions to expedite the timeline.
  • CDC Family/Down Day Availability:  CGOs are frustrated with child development center availability during family or down days. It is difficult for spouses who work off base to find daycare on those days when the military members still has to work. We have sent a survey to find out the demand. The demand is not significant enough to open the CDC. The 90th Force Support Squadron is constantly evaluating.