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Coffee Talk with First Sergeants and Chiefs


Action items:

  • Welcome Center: As we consider the Welcome Center for in-processing, could we also use that same kind of system for out-processing?  (OPR:  A&FRC)  UPDATE:  Added this to the welcome center task for the group.
  • Youth and Teen Centers: Because there’s no before school program at the teen center, parents are paying twice for child care to ensure their children can have the activities at the teen center and the before school program at the youth center.  Is there a possibility that we could have only one payment for both the youth and teen centers or perhaps we could enhance the youth center activities with things like educational learning classes.  Beale AFB was used as the example.  There’s a lot of activities at the youth center like the robotics class, the lego class, etc that keep our folks engaged.  Thoughts?  (OPR:  MSG)
  • Coffee Talks with Spouses: Spouses are asking for the Coffee not to be scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month and to alternate between day and evening sessions.  (OPR:  CCCE and CCS)
  • MFLCs: They would like to get more info about base happenings.  Proposed sponsoring our MFLCs on NIPR email but asked someone to take that one.  Mr. Hunt, our EOO, grabbed hold of this one.  (OPR: EOO; OCR: AFRC)
  • Advertising…OK, we’ve held off as long as we could hoping this would be self-healing.  We need a comprehensive advertising campaign…it needs to include APF, NAF, and Mission Partner advertising.  Not interested in continuing down a path of dispirit efforts.  It’s unanimous.  We can’t figure out how to have a consolidated calendar of events.  The solution will include text-casting.  (OPR: PA)

Informational items: 

  • Welcome Center: We discussed the welcome center concept.  There’s trepidation in the units as many probably see this as a manpower draw.  Here’s my take.  Since 1 Jan 19, we have given $96,000 to 138 families in Air Force Aid Society funds because we don’t have a process to guide incoming members through the in-processing paperwork necessary for reimbursement.  Between rent, mortgage down payments, and unforeseen vehicle repairs, many are struggling.  We can and should be able to do better for our Airmen.
  • LRS Town Hall: There’s a need for a town hall in February or March sponsored by LRS to try and get in front of the PCS season.  Chiefs are working this.
  • Pronghorn Droppings: The Chiefs had a lively debate about the Pronghorn Droppings.  Specifically, are we marginalizing the effects of good order and discipline as we capture the attention of our Airmen with humor?  This is a really good nuanced discussion.  On the one hand, a person might see JA’s product as mocking the military system; on the other hand, we’re reaching a greater audience and people are actually discussing the consequences of misbehavior and criminal activity.  In the end, the Chiefs elected to keep this on their radar but believe it is actually helping supervisors, shirts, and commanders start those difficult discussions.
  • Snow plowing: There were complaints from the spouses about roads and side walk plowing in housing.  This was addressed during the Residence Council. Recommend families download the RentCafe app and put in a routine work order request.
  • Thanksgiving Meal: Folks were incredibly impressed by the Thanksgiving meal spread at the DFAC.  Additionally, the chefs at the MAFs again, our compliments to our fielded forces.  Had a chance to see a few dinners out there and it was awesome!
  • Squadron UAs: The lack of monitors issue has been resolved and squadron UAs can be conducted at the SQ/CC direction.
  • MAF/LCC tours: They have been a huge success.  Heard we may have inspired a youngster to consider a career as a missileer!
  • Bay Orderly following FTAC: All group Airmen (except SFG) will conduct Bay Orderly duty the week after FTAC.
  • Fitness and PME waivers: Waiving Fitness Assessments and PME waivers are now at the unit level.



Action Items:

  • Separation Delays:  Some packages are taking extremely long to process. The Judge Advocate General discussed this topic during the last Status of Discipline meeting. The data does not support that our process is slow, but we did see some outliers. The time was generally increased because of the time between discovery and offering which is controlled by the unit. (OPR: JA…CLOSED)
  • No Hat/No Salute Policy Changes:  We discussed the issue, but no consensus was reached. The 90th Missile Wing Command Chief will discuss with first shirts and chiefs to provide a recommendation. (OPR: CCC)
  • Youth Center Capacity Issues:  Are the Youth Center capacity issues rooted in building limitations or because of staff limitations? The 90th Force Support Squadron will research the answer. (OPR: MSG)
  • AAFES Stocking Women’s Clothing:  AAFES was not properly stocking women’s clothing items, particularly mess and maternity uniforms. Here is the updated from AAFES:
  • First Maternity Uniforms. The F.E. Warren AFB military clothing Sales is only authorized to stock try-ons, given the small population. The manager always tries to get an extra for emergencies, but, the fact of the matter is that, we can forecast this clothing item. Good news, operational camouflage pattern maternity try-ons should be here in a month.
  • Women’s Mess Dress Uniforms. The MCS manager told us that the main accounting system failed to add women’s mess dress uniforms and blues jackets as automatic replacement items after the annual inventory. The manager took some leave and came back to empty shelves. She is custom ordering anything she can to expedite the process but expects the replenishment to occur in a few weeks. The computer error has been corrected. (OPR: CC…CLOSED)
  • Dorm Ghosting:  Discussed issue with the first shirts. The crux of the matter is two-fold. First, do we need to have basic allowance for housing for ranks from E1 to E4 approved at the O-6 level or can we get that down to the squadron? Second, if our Airmen are already taking the financial plunge by living on the economy, should we just start paying them BAH and move the rooms to those incoming bodies that need them. Maybe our concept of dormitory living is not right anymore. During the conversation with the chiefs, our amazing chiefs asked to take this one on. (OPR: CCC)
  • Exercise Child Care:  The chiefs asked during next two-week exercise, what is the child care situation looking like? The 90th Missions Support Group will answer. (OPR: MSG)
  • AFSC Cross Pollination:  The Chiefs also brought up an Air Force Specialty Code cross pollination program. The 90th Civil Engineer Squadron does an effective exchange program across workcenters with senior noncommissioned officers. The chiefs would like to make this a wing-level program. (OPR: CCC)
  • ALS Deferment:  The chiefs also took on deferments for professional military education, particularly Airman Leadership School. The command chief mentioned the waiver and deferment authority rests with the wing commander. We all think it belongs at the squadron level. (OPR:  CCC)

Informational Items:

  • Open Housing for Unaccompanied Airmen:  We shared the idea to open up the Doll Houses for unaccompanied housing, maybe roommates. We are not ready to pull the trigger with Balfour Beauty Communities yet to ensure we give ample opportunity to incoming families. More to follow on this one.
  • Gate 2 Update:  Nothing new here. Temporary lights will be up within a few months, then permanent ones the following year.
  • Failure to Adapt Time:  The request to change the criteria for discharging Amn that are not adapting to military service within 6 months was not going to be considered. Essentially, U.S. Air Force feels the failure to adapt rationale as the easy button, particularly after our Airmen arrive at their duty station. We should be vested in our Airmen’s wellbeing and looking to address issues as quickly as possible. This may be difficult at times, even if the individual is on the glide slope out of the Air Force but remember we also build better citizens.
  • Open Communication Model:  The chiefs and first shirts said they like the new open communication model. It seems to have filtered down to the squadrons and, at the unit level, the Airmen appreciate your leadership and interactions. We are counting on you to make a difference for our Airmen.
  • LRS Rocks:  We talked about our AWESOME 90th Logistics Readiness Squadron shop during a discussion on the vehicle fleet. It was unanimous…LRS rocks.
  • Dorm Quarterly Inspections:  The command chief reminded first sergeants to get into the dorms and ensure we are conducting quarterly unannounced inspections.
  • Rude Additional Duty Requirements:  The command chief is working on reducing out of hide positions in the wing.  90 FSS will reduce the number active duty honor guard requirement by 13 and use National Guard augmentation. Smart and well done, 90 FSS. Please keep these ideas coming.
  • DFAC Thanksgiving Meal:  We discussed the difficulties getting our population to the dining facility when they have a shift work We all need to put some brain power behind, “How do we get our Airmen engaged?” We would love to hear your thoughts.



Action Items:

  • Failure to Adapt: Can we extend the time frame for “Failure to Adapt” to either 180 days from arrival on station or one year?  Great question…Let’s take this on from two fronts.  JA will look into this, and it will be discussed at the Wing Commanders’ Conference with CSAF.
  • Dorm 838.  There was a suggestion to switch MSG and SFG dorms to ensure defenders had more than one kitchen to cook on, but there may be another way to address the problem.  Dorm 838 was brought up during the Airmen’s Coffee, so this suggestion will be added to those concerns.
  • OG structure: OG would like a project to house all things OG under one roof.  The OG Superintendent and CE can get together on this one and see what kind of design has potential.
  • SFG would like a parking structure.  Parking garages are low on the MILCON list, but there may be potential with HESCOs as troop training projects with RHS units to get after some of this.  SFG can work with CE on this.
  • Urinalysis Monitors.  Every unit is going to have folks trained to do monitor duty.  A tasker has been sent out to put together a group of certified personnel who can assist with unit-wide urinalysis sweeps.

Informational Items:

  • Resiliency Day. Check out the Facebook Live from 14 Aug to hear Colonel Bonetti’s and Chief Bettisworth’s thoughts on this important topic.
  • The Experimental Wing Concept. No major changes to the missile wing structure per AFGSC.
  • Professional Organizations within groups. It has been brought up that Airmen are not joining wing-wide groups because they are already involved within their Groups and Squadrons. It's all about the name.  Consider calling it a booster club vs “Top 3" / "Top 4".  The result is promotion of wing professional development organizations to inspire cross talk.
  • Balfour Beatty: There were more complaints about Balfour Beatty to include an absence of maintenance for housing, multiple people responding multiple times to fix issues. More information about the Military Housing Organization and the Complaint Resolution Process will be pushed out by Public Affairs. Also, a letter is heading to residents soon.  Folks should not be signing that they are satisfied with tasks if the task isn’t complete.  Own that.  AF-wide, we all need to be demanding customers to our contractors, but we have some responsibilities here to communicate what’s wrong and our level of satisfaction. Download the housing maintenance app located here.